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How to Pack for a Cabo Vacation

How to Pack for a Cabo Vacation

Mar 14, 2013

So you’re finally taking that trip to Cabo San Lucas and it’s time to begin packing. It can get overwhelming knowing what you will and will not need, so to help you out we have created the ultimate packing guide.

The Clothes – You are going to want breezy, light clothing. Check the 10 day forecast to see if you will need an emergency sweatshirt. Depending on your plans, choose one or two dressy outfits, outfits you are willing to get dirty, casual outfits and lots of beach wear (you will want a couple of swimsuits and cover-ups).

The Shoes – There is typically a lot of walking involved with vacationing, so your best bet will be comfy shoes that you know you can wear and walk around in for a good day. Just like your clothing choice, you should consider your plans for the trip: if you are spending a lot of time on the beach then pack flip-flops and water shoes, if you are going hiking bring a good pair of tennis shoes.

The Accessories – Get a heavy-duty beach bag that won’t fall apart from a splash of water, yet will stand out on a crowded beach. Pack 100% UV sunglasses, a hat and beach towels. If there is room: goggles, beach toys, snorkel and fins. Those with longer hair will want pins, headbands and ponytail holders.

The Electronics – Consider if you’ll need an alarm clock, cell phone, camera and/or laptop. Pack batteries and chargers to keep these things up and running.

The Bathroom Supplies –  To keep yourself clean and safe pack aloe vera gel, antibacterial wipes, body lotion, comb and brush, deodorant, face wipes, first aid kit, insect repellent, toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm with SPF 15, any regular prescriptions/medication, shampoo and conditioner, soap, razors and sunscreen.

The Miscellaneous – You will a money source such as cash, debit and credit cards and traveler’s checks. Also pack any tickets or proof of reservation.

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