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Whale Watching Season is around the Corner in Cabo San Lucas

Whale Watching Season is around the Corner in Cabo San Lucas

Oct 16, 2012

Everyone remembers the scene from Free Willy, where the whale jumps over the young boy to freedom.  That iconic moment in cinema history shows the majestic beauty of whales in the wild.

The orca whale in the movie can be seen in captivity in zoos and places like Sea World, but gray whales and humpback whales are only found in the wild due to their enormous size. In fact, full-grown gray whales and humpback whales are both relative in size to a school bus.  Come to Cabo San Lucas during the winter months to see these huge whales in their natural habitat.

Gray whales are known for their migration. In groups called pods, they travel nearly 12,500 miles round-trip from their summer home in Alaskan waters to warmer water off the coast of Mexico.  They are often covered with organisms and parasites that give them the appearance of crusty ocean rock.

Humpback whales are larger in size and are best known for their beautiful and unique singing voices. Their howls, cries and moans are assumed to be the way the whales communicate with one another, but scientists are still unsure of their meaning. These playful whales are often seen jumping out of the water and making large splashes in the water.

Both whales travel south for the winter to find warmer breeding waters.  They begin arriving in November and usually stay until March, so you have plenty of time to see these amazing creatures. If you are lucky, you may even sneak a peek of a baby calf. Both gray and humpback whale calves stay very close to their mothers which make them easier to spot.

There are many different whale watching cruise tours in Cabo San Lucas. If you want to get a close up view of these whales, you must try a cruise. The boats often have an open bar with snacks. The longer tours serve up to a three course meal. Try out the Cabo Rey dinner cruise or a whale watching tour with CaboMar or the Cabo Escape. Speak with us at Cabo Villas Beach Resort, and we will help you find the best tour for whale watching on your visit.

Image Courtesy of eGuide Travel/Flickr.


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