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A Unique Opportunity To Swim With Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins

A Unique Opportunity To Swim With Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins

Jan 19, 2012

In Cabo San Lucas, right alongside the world-class marina, is a beautiful complex by famed Mexican architect Enrique Norten. But it’s not the structure itself that will captivate you so much as the inhabitants – Pacific bottlenose dolphins!

Cabo Dolphins, part of the Cabo Adventures family of destinations, is a one-of-a-kind facility that offers visitors a number of programs to encounter the dolphins and other marine species up close. Guests have the opportunity to spend time in the water alongside these highly intelligent mammals, accompanied by the training staff, and interact with the dolphins while learning all about their environment – topics include dolphin biology, traits, language and more.

The namesake residents of Cabo Dolphins are animals that were rescued and could not, for many reasons, be released back into the wild or were born at the facility. A captive breeding program itself is a great indicator that the complex provides a great home for its population of dolphins.

As animal lovers who are actively involved in environmental conservation and education, the owners of Cabo Dolphins started the program in Puerto Vallarta over 15 years ago. With the success of that site, they recreated the experience for Cabo visitors. Cabo Dolphins was created to be more than just another great entertainment experience in a region with so many options, but to provide a hands-on learning experience that will be a dream come true for their guests.

If you’ve had the opportunity to visit other similar parks, you’ll notice a striking difference immediately – Cabo Dolphins has a strong focus on the health of it’s Dolphin residents. Concern for the safety and happiness of both the dolphins and their human visitors is a very primary concern. The highly-trained staff has been interacting with the mammals on a long-term basis and has built a high level of trust with the creatures. Their recognizable connection puts guest at ease and makes for an enjoyable day.

The facility has a wide variety of programs available for it’s visitors. Ranging from a Dolphin Encounter to Trainer For A Day, all of the menu of activities allow guests to get in the water and experience the dolphins one-on-one. This thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience should not be missed by Los Cabos visitors!

The gentle dolphins have an affinity for humans and a day spent with them can often be a life-changing experience. Many guests return again and again to visit their mammalian friends and cherish the time spent with them in the water. The small size of the groups provides the best possible opportunity to develop a real bond with the dolphins, each having it’s own unique personality.

Each program starts with on a submerged platform in knee-deep water in the educational pool, giving guests an introduction to the friendly Pacific Bottlenose dolphins, their physiology and environment. Visitors will then have an opportunity to encounter the dolphins – touching and interacting with the playful creatures. The mammals quickly endear themselves to the guests and obviously enjoy the interaction as much as the humans.

In addition to the in-the-water programs, the complex facilities include a restaurant and bar, gift shop and more. You’ll find items only available at the Cabo Dolphins that will keep this unique experience with you forever.

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