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A Great Cabo, Mexico Marlin Adventure

A Great Cabo, Mexico Marlin Adventure

Jan 10, 2012

Baja is an incredible place to fish. This is a fact that was really driven home by a couple who has a summer home on the beach of Cabo San Lucas.

Edward and Patricia Araujo, who are San Diego natives, are no stranger to the awesome fishing that takes place in Cabo. Patricia has even caught a blue marlin of 400 pounds! Though the couple often releases the fish they catch, a few such as the 400 pounder are brought home to eat and share with others.

Recently, the Araujo’s chartered the boat, Bad Medicine, out of Cabo San Lucas and had quite the experience. With them on the boat was Jon Schwartz, an adventurer and accomplished photographer, who was able to catch some great promotional shots of their experience.

The boat, captained by Bernabe “Bernie” Ruiz, led the Araujo’s on a great adventure. At one point, they came across some birds working on a ball of bait. And this was no small ball of bait, either. “All the years I’ve been fishing off San Diego and down here, I’d never seen a bait ball like that one and I’ve never seen big fish busting through it like this,” Araujo said “ We couldn’t believe it when these big marlin started going wild and crashing through the bait ball. What an amazing sight.”

Shortly after, the captain moved the boat into the area of the bait ball and Patricia and Edward put out some lines, in hopes of catching some marlin. They wouldn’t have to wait long. I hooked up first, and then a couple seconds later, Patricia hooked up on her fish. We were hooked up for 30 to 35 minutes. I got mine in first, and the Patricia landed her’s.” Araujo said. They both ended up releasing their marlins, Edward’s a 115 pounder and Patricia’s a 130 pounder.

The Araujo’s are no stranger to the fishing in Cabo, nor are they oblivious to all that Cabo San Lucas has to offer. The couple can actually hear the roar of the ocean from their home on the Pacific side of the Cape. “When the high tide is in you can feel the pressure of the shore break as it impacts the beach. It’s quite a sensation, the power of the ocean.” Edward said.

People who live in the area, such as the Araujo’s, are truly a testament of how amazing Cabo San Lucas truly is. Cabo has so much to offer visitors, especially with all the water in the area. You can scuba dive with whale sharks, go up the coast to see the grey whale migration, be entertained by the abundance of sea turtles that live here, and of course enjoy some great fishing.

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