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Experience Incredible Deep Sea Fishing – Cabo Style

Experience Incredible Deep Sea Fishing – Cabo Style

Oct 11, 2012

Warm waters bring lots of fish and with the water surface temps averaging 87 degrees, there is not a better time of year right now to fish in Cabo. Are you up for the challenge of reeling in a 400 pound Yellow Fin Tuna?! Recently a potential world record Tuna was caught in Cabo weighing in at a whopping 421 pounds. Other great fish around Cabo San Luca include Dorado (Mahi Mahi) and huge Blue Marlin. Fishers have also reported seeing many Wahoo lately.

Here at Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa, we set you up with one of the best fishing charters, Beto’s Sport Fishing. Whether you’re interested in a 22 foot Pangas or a 42 foot Cabin Cruiser, Beto’s has several boats to choose from. As they say, “Stop wishing and come fishing…”

Deep Sea Fishing is an exciting experience and results in great stories to tell your family when you get back from your trip to Cabo. Here’s a story from Curtis Clingingsmith who went fishing with Beto’s:

“We trolled for another 1.5 hours and the captain decided it was time to head in. He said we would throw a live bait at a Marlin if we saw one… I was thinking “yeah right”. About 15 minutes into the trip back he whipped the boat hard to the south and started saying something in Spanish. The deckhand already had the rod with live bait in hand and was casting to a 7′ figure cruising in a wave to the left of the boat. It took 30 minutes of chasing, casting, coaxing and throwing him stunned baits to get him to eat the bait with a hook in it. An hour later he was in hand, all 140 pounds of him!! Battling a beast with that much power in 5 to 8 foot swells crashing over the back of the boat was something to behold.” – Curtis Slingingsmith

As you can tell, these trips are not your standard “a-couple-of-buddies-in-a-boat” experiences. They are nothing short of an exhilarating deep sea fishing adventure. VIP Gold Cardholders can get a discount on Beto’s Sportfishing services just for staying with us. It is just one of the many discounts you can have on activities in Cabo San Lucas using your VIP Gold Card.

So you think you can fish? Come visit us and experience your Cabo style fishing adventure!

Image courtesy of Emrys.Roberts : Flickr

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