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Diverse Wildlife from Sea of Cortez Attracts Many to Cabo

Diverse Wildlife from Sea of Cortez Attracts Many to Cabo

Jun 7, 2012

Nature provides many opportunities for awe and the Sea of Cortez abundantly supplies those wonderful moments. Visitors to Cabo San Lucas can see a leaping dolphin or a swimming sea lion while enjoying their time in Mexico. Not a dolphin or sea lion lover? There are many other types of wildlife to discover around Cabo San Lucas:

Brown Pelicans

The smallest pelican of eight other types of pelicans, the brown pelican is known for swooping over the water and scooping up its prey. Their pouch, which is attached to the lower mandible, when full can hold up to three gallons of water and fish and is the largest pouch of any bird in the world. It doesn’t do them any good, however. Their bellies can only hold around one gallon.

Mobula Rays

While watching the water one might see a Mobula Ray leap out of the water. Hard to miss, the Mobula Ray can reach a width of 17 feet. It is uncertain why these creatures fly through the air. Some theories believe it is a hunting technique or a way to shed parasites. Others believe it is just a form of exercise and play! Whatever the reason, these “Devil Rays” are majestically beautiful to watch soar through the air above the ocean.

 Blue Whale

It is quite the experience to see the largest animal known to man spouting water! They usually travel alone or in pairs. One of the best times to catch a glimpse of this magnificent creature is between July and September.

In addition to sea life, a variety of species can be seen while hiking and cave kayaking. Many of these activities are planned by local groups and more information can be found at the resorts and hotels of Cabo. Cabo Villas Resorts and Hotels has a page on their website dedicated to activities in the area like deep sea fishing and an outback & camel safari.

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