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Cabo Villas Beach Resort is Expecting Many New Guests: Baby Sea Turtles

Cabo Villas Beach Resort is Expecting Many New Guests: Baby Sea Turtles

Sep 13, 2012

Cabo Villas is excited for up to over 100 new guests. Yes, we are always excited about our wonderful guests who come to enjoy the sun, but these visitors won’t be staying in our luxury suites. Baby Olive Ridley Sea Turtles are expected to hatch in mid-September according to the 45-51 day incubation period.

On July 23, the first Olive Ridley Sea Turtle of the season came onshore at Medano Beach to lay her eggs. According to National Geographic, the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle migrates hundreds or even thousands of miles every year and come together as a group only once a year for the arribada, when females return to the beaches where they hatched and lumber onshore to nest.

These sea turtles are considered vulnerable. The hatchlings are at risk from many predators including crabs, raccoons, pigs, snakes, birds and other animals. In order to protect the baby turtles at Cabo Villas, the National Sea Turtle Protection Program’s trained staff carefully dug up the eggs to relocate them to the Casa Dorada Hotel turtle shelter.  The eggs are being incubated there and the baby turtles will be released to the sea.

Come visit Cabo San Lucas to get an up close and personal look at more unique and amazing wildlife.

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