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Cabo Vacation Adventures: Swim with Dolphins

Cabo Vacation Adventures: Swim with Dolphins

Aug 16, 2012

Cabo San Lucas is home to many unique experiences for vacationers. Guests at Cabo Villas Beach Resort will not find a shortage of activities for each and every member of their family. One experience that we suggest taking advantage of while you visit us is taking a trip to the Cabo Dolphin Center.

At Cabo Adventures, you and your friends and family have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of educational, memorable, and interactive programs geared towards dolphin lovers of any age of ability level. Here are a few of the programs to check out! The full list can be found on their website.

Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin encounter helps you learn all about the world of Pacific Bottlenose dolphins from the dolphins themselves. This educational program is a great introduction to the history, anatomy, and physiology of dolphins. You will get to spend time with the animals in the sea water pool where you can feed them, kiss and play with them, and communicate with them.

Dolphin Kids

This program is geared for children ages 4-9. The children are placed into small groups for more one-on-one time with the dolphins. They are able to pet and hug dolphins, and it is an experience that your children won’t ever forget. Parents-don’t worry. Children spend time in the safe, shallow area of the dolphin pool under close supervision.

Dolphin Experience

The dolphin experience is great for families. You can chat, cuddle, play, and swim with the water mammals. The highlight of this experience is definitely the chance to catch a ride across the pool with one of your newly made dolphin friends.

Dolphin Trainer for a Day

This experience is great for anyone that wants to learn more about these animals and what it takes to care for them. Participants get to spend the day helping the team of dolphin trainers at the Cabo Dolphin Center. Learn all of the feeding and behavioral training techniques while getting a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a dolphin trainer.



It is obvious that spending some time with dolphins while you enjoy your stay in Cabo is a must! Want to learn more. The helpful and knowledgeable staff at Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa can help. Book your trip to Cabo today. The dolphins are waiting to meet you.

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