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Cabo Vacation Tips: Easy Airport to Hotel Transportation

Cabo Vacation Tips: Easy Airport to Hotel Transportation

Aug 8, 2012

Carry-on in your hand, sunglasses on your head and you are ready to get your vacation started. You’ve just arrived at the airport, but where do you go from here? Here are some helpful hints to get you to your vacation at Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa as quickly as possible with no hassle of waiting in long lines.

Arrange Your Transportation in Advance– You want to book transportation from the airport to the hotel at least 36 hours prior to your flight landing in Cabo San Lucas. The taxi union laws demand that all prepaid reservations must be made that far in advance. If you forget to book prior to 36 hours out, you will have to use the airport transportation which is more expensive. The website suggests a 24 hour window for reservations, but we suggest 36 just to be on the safe side.

Book Your TransportationYou can call or book your transportation to Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa online.

How Much Does It Cost?Transportation services to the resort for 1- 4 passengers costs $65 USD.  For additional passengers, the cost is $17 for each additional passenger.

Transportation OptionsThere are different vehicle options for you to choose from, and they all cost the same amount. Cape Travel offers a shuttle service where your group will ride in a van from the airport to the resort. They also provide a private service option which includes your choice of a van, suburban or sedan. For larger parties, special occasions, or just for fun, they also provide limousine services which include riding in style in one of their limo town cars, suburban limousines, or sprinter limousines. See the different service offerings here.

Don’t overlook booking your transportation to the airport. It will save you time, money, and stress. It will also get you to Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa much faster, and you don’t want to miss out on all of the fun and relaxation that awaits you!

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