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Cabo San Lucas is a Great Destination for Adventure Seekers, too!

Cabo San Lucas is a Great Destination for Adventure Seekers, too!

Oct 9, 2012

If the idea of lying by the beach reading book bores you to death, then Wide Open Excursions has the perfect Cabo activity for you. There are many different things to do and see in Cabo San Lucas.  Instead of being stuck riding in a tour car moving at a snail’s pace, what do you think of driving through Cabo San Lucas wilderness in a Baja Challenge Car?

Wide Open Excursions guides Cabo San Lucas tours in a way very unlike the typical tour. Using radio communication, drivers will receive communication regarding the path and possible terrain issues but besides that, the pace is your own in a Baja challenge car that is capable of speeds up to 80 miles per hour.

The trail is marked to note memorable driving experiences and give warning of difficult or deceiving turns. The guides provide drivers with enough warning so that you can experience the trail at the speed you are comfortable with.

There are several different tour packages to choose from that range from a third-of-a-day to four whole days covering over 120 miles per day. Each package includes:

  • Driving a $100k Baja Challenge Race Car
  • Transportation to and from off-road course
  • Orientation and Professional Safety Equipment
  • Professional Guides and Support Crew

The tour leaves from the Wide Open Cabo Race Shop and heads towards the arroyo of Salto Seco then over to the small local village of Los Pozos where you will drive a short technical section of a local race course. The tour also passes by Los Paredones where they filmed parts of the movie “Troy”. You will be rewarded at the end of your tour with an ice cold beer at the “Hacienda Off Road” bar and patio.

Wide Open provides a different way to explore Cabo San Lucas. Drivers can experience the area in a way that often only the locals get the chance. Slow and steady tours of the wilderness and wildlife are fine for some. Wide Open tours are for those who seek a little adventure in their vacations. Wide Open Excursions provides just that, a Cabo San Lucas Adventure!

By booking your stay at Cabo Villas Beach Resort, you money on activities like Wide Open Excursions with your VIP Gold Card.  More information about the tours is available online http://www.wideopenbaja.com/Cabo/tours/cabo-san-lucas-bcs/.

Photo Credit: FastEddy760

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