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Cabo Dolphin Experience is Fun for the Whole Family

Cabo Dolphin Experience is Fun for the Whole Family

Dec 4, 2012

Swimming with dolphins is one of the most popular activities for families on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Adventures is home to some amazing Pacific Bottlenose dolphins that can’t wait to meet you, your family and your friends.

The most popular dolphin package at Cabo Adventures is the Dolphin Encounter. This 30 minute long session includes an educational presentation from the trainers. After the short educational portion, you head straight to the seawater pool to meet your new dolphin friends.

During the dolphin encounter, you get to touch, feed, kiss and play with the highly curious and friendly animals. The trainers will teach you the basics about their anatomy, physiology and history, as well as some hand signals to allow you to communicate with the dolphins.

Here are some dolphin encounter testimonials:

“My friend Samantha and I did the Dolphin Encounter at your facility. This was the highlight of my vacation to Cabo! You have a great facility and excellent staff! Special thank you to Alex for being so knowledgeable and friendly!” – Vicki Adams

“Best thing to do in Cabos? Go meet the dolphins with Cabo Adventures, what an unbelievable experience! The staff is so passionate and knowledgeable. It was a real pleasure to spend some time in their company. Fantastic!”Bradley Wilson

 “Personally, I have done a few dolphin swims before, but this was the best one because of the educational value at the beginning, and the fact that the dolphins seemed to enjoy working – they looked very relaxed and happy! My family really couldn’t wait to go back to their friends and tell them about the excursions available with your company!”  - Alex Remili

“We had such a wonderful time visiting Cabo Dolphins. Your staff was delightful, professional, and so attentive with our children. We will definitely be seeing you on our next trip!”Carrie Daye

It is apparent through the customer testimonials that Cabo Adventures offers customers a truly amazing experience. Your family can enjoy getting to know our dolphins in our clean, clear waters and experience the magic of swimming with the dolphins in Cabo San Lucas.

Photo Courtesy of Miss Britt/Flickr

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