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3 Things You Never Thought of Trying on Your Cabo Vacation

3 Things You Never Thought of Trying on Your Cabo Vacation

Nov 26, 2012

Sure, you may hear your cousin’s family talk about swimming with the dolphins in Cabo San Lucas, and what about the traditional sightseeing tours with knowledgeable, local tour guides? Are those too “tourist-y” for you. If you’re looking to indulge in something a little more unique, try these three activities during your trip to Cabo.

Ziplining Adventures

This activity is not for those who are afraid of heights. Ziplining is becoming a very popular in Cabo San Lucas. Travel above the beautiful canyons, rivers and tree top canopies from a safety harness. There are several options in Cabo for a Zipline adventure, and one of our favorites is Wile Canyon. Wild Canyon is home to some of the longest zip lines in the world, and currently, it is the only zip line system to allow up to four riders to enjoy the fun together at the same time! A zipline is a great way to see the sights of Cabo San Lucas from a very unique and beautiful point of view.

Camel Safari

Sure you’ve gone horse-back riding before. Maybe you’ve even gone riding on the Cabo beach at sunset, but have you discovered the Baja desert on the back of a camel? The tour includes a short nature walk through the Sierra Mountains and a visit to a local farmer’s home where you’ll taste handmade tortillas and other Mexican foods… all with your camel friend.

ATV Tours

Another great way to see the sights without falling asleep is on an ATV, off-road tour. Cruise down the beach during the sunset or check out the Baja desert on an ATV. For history adventurers, there is a tour that goes through a tiny, 200-year old village. Imagine seeing the desert, mountains, canyons and more with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

You never thought you could go sightseeing on the back of a camel or cruising on an ATV. Experience the nature of Cabo from hundreds of feet in the air with a ziplining adventure. Any of these adventures will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Photo Courtesy of ANGELOUX/Flickr


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